Spymac saga.

If any of you have googled my name, you’ve probably noticed that the #1 link is a blog on Spymac.com. And it’s an empty blog. Over 3 years ago now, I found this cute new site called Spymac, that was offering an alternative to the .Mac experience, but for much less money. So I joined up, played around with it, made one blog entry, and then found that I wasn’t wild about the service. Eventually, I took down my blog entry and most of my profile information. I didn’t actually delete the account — Spymac doesn’t let you.

Somewhere along the line, though, that little Spymac blog amassed 800 hits, making it my #1 ranked link. And making me look like a lazy bum who can’t be bothered to use her own blog.

There are 2 things I can do:

(1) Go back and delete ALL of my account information from Spymac. After some amount of time, they claim, their servers will deactivate my account permanently. I hope this means my non-blog blog will go away, but no guarantees. Meanwhile, if I decide I want to use Spymac again someday (their new Web 2.0-flavored portal page is much more facile), I can never again use my precious “nanbarber” user name.

(2) Fill in the Spymac blog with links to here and a few other places of mine and take advantage of the great ranking. Not sure I want to do this yet. I kind of like our quiet little family. Finland…Canada…and somewhere in Maryland. Inviting more traffic might just invite spam commenters and other miscreants.

Of course, anyone who’s pigheaded enough to use her own name in her blog URL deserves whatever she gets…and thanks to Spymac I’m getting it. So anyway, if you’ve googled my name and wondered what that Spymac thing was all about, now you know. I’ll let you know what I decide to do as the Spymac blog saga (blaga?) continues.

Just one more comment, for Spymac: Not letting people delete their own blogs is a tacky, tacky way to maintain your user base.


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