The Amazing CharlieCard Mitten.

Of local interest…

The MBTA (Boston’s transit authority) has recently switched to a system of rechargeable fare cards. To gain entry to a subway line, you have to pass the card over a reader at the turnstyle. And an ingenious woman who takes the “T” everyday and uses her commute to get some knitting done came up with an idea — mittens with a special buttoned pocket to hold the CharlieCard. To use it, you just pass the back of your hand over the reader — no need to remove the card.

The Subway Knitter doesn’t give a pattern. Presumably, if you can handle kitting a pair of mittens, you can handle knitting a couple of extra flaps for the front and attaching a button.

But if you’d like an authentic pair of Amazing CharlieCard Mittens, she’s raffling off a pair to benefit Rosie’s Place, a Boston women’s shelter. (Click the PayPal link in the upper-right corner of the Subway Knitter’s main blog page to enter the raffle.)


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