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Public Creativity Outlawed in Boston

I think I’ll start a blog series: Things I hate about Massachusetts.

Yesterday, the mayor decided to crack down on all those street artists and musicians making a racket outside his office:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, upset by the drumming and chanting of street performers outside his office windows at City Hall, recently asked his staff to do something about the din. This week, city security officers descended on the plaza around nearby Faneuil Hall and imposed new restrictions on the artists who have become accustomed to entertaining the crowds on the historic site, known on tourist brochures as the Cradle of Liberty.

The officers shooed away clowns and caricature artists. They ordered music and dance acts to contain their performances to a single, small patch of brick – measuring 15 feet by 15 feet – near a stand of trees. And they erected steel crowd-control barricades in a wide swath around three sides of Faneuil Hall, to make sure the performers didn’t sneak back.

Steel crowd-control barricades???? Really?????? These are MIMES, people!!!!! The worst they can do is pretend to hit you!!!!

And have you seen Boston’s city hall? It’s a Brutalist monstrosity with concrete walls 2 feet thick. There’s simply no way Mumbles Menino can hear somebody playing a dulcimer on the street below.

This is pure and simple mean-spiritedness. And there’s nothing in the whole world that gets up my nose more than mean-spiritedness.

Here’s the link to the full story, in the Boston Globe’s Boston.com: Cradle of Liberty No More.



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