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Lasciatemi morire

I promised this earlier, so I’m providing a link to Jewel’s rendition of “Lasciatemi morire” on YouTube. I don’t like blogs that are nothing but a series of embedded videos, and¬†YouTube videos have a notoriously short shelf life, so I’m not going to embed it here.¬†But here’s the link. If the link’s expired, just search for “Lasciatemi morire” on YouTube, and you’ll probably find this and many other renditions.

I’m not going to trash Jewel’s performance like some of the other YouTube commenters. She’s obviously had some classical training, and I’m really envious of the way she can roll her r’s. I can’t. But it sounds like she’s driving the high notes. They’re easier for me: when I sang the high F in Lasciatemi yesterday, it felt like I was floating on a cloud.

My guess is that in singing pop she’s been chesting a lot and just hasn’t been using her high notes, or maintaining breath support. It’s hard to stay in good enough shape to sing your best, and I’m sure being on tour doesn’t help. I say, if the high notes don’t feel good, either don’t sing them, or take the time to get warmed up first.


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