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Twitter vs. Facebook

Since I’ve become more active on Twitter lately, I’ve been getting more visitors to this blog, which I’ve shamefully failed to update since 2008. To be honest, I’ve been expressing myself mostly on Facebook and been happy with that. But if you’re here because you clicked the link in my Twitter profile, maybe you can speak to some of the following:

1. When I send people a friend request on Facebook, they almost always accept my friendship, even if they are more important/famous/talented than I am, which is pretty nice considering Facebook’s 5000-friend limit. When I follow someone on Twitter, they almost never follow me back, even though there’s no limit on the number of people you can follow.

2. When I post an update on Facebook, a few people usually “Like” it, including people I don’t know very well. When I directly tweet someone on Twitter, they almost never tweet back, even when I do something like send a helpful link or offer a free book.

3. People who send me friend requests on Facebook are usually people who have some sort of connection to me. Most people who follow me on Twitter want to market something to me.

What does all this mean?

(a) Twitter’s service is set up for broadcasting, not interactivity. Understandably, on Twitter people are less likely to be reciprocal or interactive than on Facebook, which facilitates relationship and interaction.

(b) My Facebook friends are just humoring me, and Twitter is a more honest reflection of how few people truly like me.

(c) People who favor Twitter are bigger jerks than people who favor Facebook.

Comments welcome.



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